Saturday, 18th May, 2024

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements admission

  • Applicants to Master of Quality Management Program (MQM) must hold a university degree from an accredited university or college (regardless of their specialization). A total grade of at least "Good" or equivalent of an undergraduate study is required.

  • Applicants with an undergraduate grade of less than "Good" or equivalent:
    • Must attend a preparatory semester at Productivity and Quality Institute before enrolment in the program. The preparatory semester consists of three courses (9 Credit Hours).
    • Or have been already holding a postgraduate diploma degree (accredited from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities) with a minimum grade of:
      • Good or equivalent (from a public university).
      • Very good or equivalent (from a private university).
  • MQM Students should not be enrolled in any other postgraduate program inside or outside the Academy.

  • MQM students are requested to undertake TOFEL exam with a score of (450) or IELTS equivalent during their period of study.