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European Excellence Model (EFQM) and Excellence Awards Consultancy Service.

Consultancy Service|European Excellence Model (EFQM) and Excellence Awards.

Our Organizational Excellence consultancy has collaborated with clients to develop and implement customized critical organizational and behavior change solutions in support of global company transformational initiatives.

Our approach leverages the hands-on experience of our consultants to accelerate plans and amplify existing performance improvement initiatives. This approach includes a highly integrated set of consulting interventions to enable you to successfully implement and align new behaviors with those initiatives. We focus on outcomes being sustainable over time.

The Organizational Excellence practice offers a variety of solution packages ranging from full transformations and change management to more targeted modules around leadership development and assessing work culture. Solutions include transformation methodology, assessments, tools, workshops and training guides, and implementation consulting services.

With experts that have managed change for organizations across the Middle East, our consultancy is capable of providing customized solutions that:

  • Enable your entire workforce to embrace and commit to change.

  • Accelerate the rate of change adoption by implementing world-class processes.

  • Sustain the change with the tools, training, and coaching.

Benefits of EFQM Model:

  • Helps identify current strengths, areas for improvement and actions driving your results.

  • Drives and stimulates continuous improvement.

  • Is pragmatic and practical: developed with & for organisations.

  • Integrates all initiatives, providing a holistic approach to business excellence.

  • Supports strategic alignment.

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