The History and the Future of Dynamic Position (DP)

Dynamic Positioning (DP) has come a long way in the 58 years since its inception, developing along side the oil industry. Today its applications are as varied as the vessels it is installed upon & its technology has found its way into all aspects of the marine industry.

Many of today’s advances in deep water exploration would not be possible without it, as we push farther offshore to drill deeper in the quest for energy.

As the 1950’s came to an end the Jack-up technology in use was reaching the limits of water depth they were able to drill in. Anchoring was becoming less economical. A new solution was needed.

Moving now towards 2010 & beyond, DP is an integral part of the offshore oilfield.Advances in technology & reference systems make the systems more reliable & greatly increase the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Today we are drilling in deeper water farther offshore then could be imagined back on the Eureka.Innovative references such as a deep water taut wire constructed from fiber optic cable that can measure the curve due to current allows vessels to work in 3650m of water, drilling to a total depth of 12,200m!These advances can be largely attributed to Dynamic Positioning technology.

The Arab Academy For Science,Technology, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) Signed Training Agreement with the General Electric (GE) Energy power Conversion Company on Tuesday, February 7,2012 For the Establishment Of A dynamic Positioning System Training Facility in Alexandria, Egypt and Accredited By London Nautical Institute (NI).

This Will Add a New Specialized Field To The Integrated Simulators Complex (ISC) To meet the Needs of the Off-Shore and Petroleum services in the Middle East and The World.

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