Center Services and Future Courses

The Environment Protection and Crisis Management Center has a range of mandatory and special training courses and educational programs, Environment Analysis Laboratory, intelligent tools such as Geospatial Information Technology (GIS & RS) and Highly Professional Team to create, improve the awareness and skills for the concerning government, authority, organization and public.

The Center plays a significant role in giving consultation for Companies, Ports and Authorities for environment protection planing, review and evaluation, in addition of Consultation and recommendation for water pollution incidents.


Our Objectives:

  • Advancement of environmental protection and community awareness.
  • Plays a leading role in research, management and environmental protection in the region
  • Prepares young leaders to cooperatively solve the  national & region’s environmental challenges

The Center is planing to offer the following training courses under its capacity building program:


And undertakes workshops such as:

  • Crisis Management Workshop for Transportation Industry.
  • Crisis Management Bases Workshop.
  • Communication Problems in Crisis.

From the Center Accomplishments:

  • In co-ordinance with the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery “GFDRR” and the World Bank Institute “WBI”, certified online facilitators for Natural Disaster Risk Management Program (Online courses)
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Disasters Preparedness in the Coastal Cities of North Africa Project – Alexandria Area
    A Regional Study on Adaptation to Climate Change and Natural Disasters in the Coastal Cities of North Africa (Alexandria in Egypt, Tunis in Tunisia and Casablanca in Morocco and on the Bouregreg Valley between Rabat and Sale in Morocco) was directed and financed by The World Bank. The Alexandria part of the study was carried out by The Unit and the professional ISC staff under the umbrella of The Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transportation (Arab Academy) and the international consulting consortium led by Egis BCEOM of France.
  • Alexandria row spatial and GIS database Archive
  • Combating Pollution in Water Environments Training Course
    Sponsored By Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADIA) and was conducted for candidates from 14 different African Countries