SAR Communication Management Course

 Course Objectives

Search And Rescue (SAR) course provides managers of emergency response organization and SAR personals who are involved in SAR operations with an excellent opportunity to discuss and investigate the role of search and rescue in relation to incident management as well as the roles and responsibilities of search and rescue leaders. The course covers the administrative and operational functions of SAR services manuals, resolutions communication functions and equipment facilities planning and operations of maritime rescue co-ordination centers and the facilities needed in a maritime search and rescue mission.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to SAR system.
  • SAR communications requirements.
  • SMCPs and improving services.
  • SAR planning and operations
  • Ship reporting system.
  • Distress communication and message formats.
  • SITREP and incident processing data.
  • Onboard emergency.
  • On-scene co-ordination.

Course Exercises

Practical operational procedures on the followings:

  • Ship reporting system (case documentation).
  • SAR system in United States and Australian Coast Guard.
  • Different SAR incident scenarios.

Entry requirements

 The trainee should hold GOC and has a good   command in English language.

Duration: 5 working days / 30 hours (60 % theoretical – 40% practical).

No. of trainees: 6 – 10 trainees.

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