B.CPT Instructions for Candidates

What is the Cambridge Placement Test (CPT)?

The Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT) is an online adaptive test of general English used for candidate placement purposes. The test was developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, which has a long history of language assessment and close links to the development of the CEFR.

What skills does it test?

The test covers Reading, Use of English and Listening. A report of the results is provided from CEFR Level Pre-A1–C2.

What is an adaptive test?

As the candidate progresses through the test, each item is chosen on the basis of the candidate response to the previous item. As a result, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved and the candidate level of English can be identified.

How long does it take?

The test takes approximately 30 minutes. The test will not end abruptly but will allow the candidate to complete the task they are answering. The test ends when the candidate clicks on the arrow to go to the next task.

How is the CPT scored? How are the scores interpreted?

The CBPT is automatically scored. The examinee knows the score directly after finishing the exam. The score is recorded and automatically documented by the computer system and the administrators of the exam.

When and where can I register?

Registration for the exam starts in April and ends in September. Students should contact the students’ admission and registration in order to pay the required booking fees and schedule a timing.

What should I bring with me to the exam?

The examinees should have two things with them:

NOTE: The AAST&MT reserves the right to dismiss you from a test session, cancel your scores without a refund and/or ban you from future testing for ANY of the following reasons:

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