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Resuming the provision of bus services for AASTMT Students in Alexandria from Tuesday 22 -3 -2011

Published: 2011-04-10 16:26:47 |

AASTMT has decided to start the provision of bus services for students in Alexandria starting from Tuesday 22- 3- 2011.

As AASTMT management consideration on the students’ safety, it was decided to allow the students who were participating in the bus services on the previous semester (First 2010-2011) to use this service during the current semester (Second 2010-2011) and they can pay the bus service subscription for the Second semester (2010-2011) during the first two weeks of the starting of the study.

As the lectures will start at 9:00 am at AASTMT – Miami Campus and will start at 9:30 am at AASTMT – AbuKir Campus.

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