The AASTMT plays a vital and significant role in the acceleration of development and the provision of qualified calibers to the workplace, who not only meet the needs of employment markets, but also assume a leading role in the establishment of modern and innovative trends in the workplace.

Filed training is designed to provide students with a favorable environment that fosters the realization and cultivation of their valuable talents. Field training facilitates students’ identity formation while defining their capabilities and polishing their real talents.  Internships and practical training offer students a fascinating glimpse at work-life and give them a hands-on-experience as employees. On-the-job training is considered to be the first step towards a successful employment. Training helps students in acquainting themselves with the real dynamics of their future jobs, and introduces them to the different departments available for them to venture on in the future. This in-depth knowledge tremendously boosts students’ motivation to plan for their job-related-plans. Having gained a sufficient knowledge and enough exposure experience to the real work dynamics, students become more apt to gear up their energy and focus towards their dream job position.

AASTMT strongly believes in the importance of field-training for its students. The Academy relies on the key role such an experience plays in the development and cultivation of students’ skills, and in preparing them to venture into the workplace without the need to undergo further specialized training. This is in addition to increasing students’ interpersonal skills and ability to successfully function within teams. Therefore, The Academy offers local and international field-training opportunities to its students, in order to improve their training levels to match up with the ever-changing trends in technology and development today.