Vision & Mission


To participate effectively through the deliverables of the field-training program offered at the AASTMT, in preparation of an exceptional graduate who can fulfil marketplace requirements and who possesses the ability to constantly improve and innovate.


Our mission is to achieve and maintain successful partnerships/collaborations with local/international industry segments with the aim of qualifying students to meet the requirements of the employment market through providing the students with effective training programs that are innovative and committed to the highest levels of quality.

Strategic Objectives:

 - Participating in the development of a field-training program that has a unified description, criteria and rules which could be measured and assessed regularly in order to actively contribute to the achievement of the targets of this filed -training program.

 - Strengthening the university’s relationship with industry segments through assisting them with the provision of qualitative training opportunities that prepare and qualify the academy’s graduates with the requirements needed to work in such industrial sections.
Improving specialized knowledge for the Academy's students and equipping them with the skills needed for work in the field.

 - Keeping the academy updated on the recent employment market requirements in order to be able to have them reflected in its future courses and curriculum development plans, through creating new education plans that truly reflect the actual needs and requirements of the workplace and society.

 - Offering the opportunity for experience-exchange, and opening cooperation channels between the academy and the training sectors.
Serving the community through engaging students in the process of providing services to governmental and non-governmental institutions.