1. The AAST College of Law has signed a number of Cooperation Protocols with various Judicial Authorities, thus helping to improve the practical skills of our students. AAST College of Law students have the chance to practice at the Centre of judicial studies and training in:A) The Administrative Prosecution.B) The State Lawsuit Authority.2- The college offers its students the opportunity during their academic studies to attend real trials in Criminal and Non-Criminal Courts to enhance their practical skills.3- Since the college belongs to the Arab League, AAST College of Law is capable of providing its students a precious chance to attend the Arab Leagues meetings, sessions and conferences related to the most important international issues.4- Students have the opportunity to work under the supervision of experienced judges through a moot court held by our school to enhance their pleading skills. 5- The AAST College of Law focuses on the practical side as well as the academic side. Thus, the AAST law students have the opportunity to visit:a) The Egyptian parliament where they interact with real legislators.B) The supreme constitutional court.c) International law firms.6- AAST’s College of Law’s students are also offered many activities including sport, entertainment, as well as volunteering activities.

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