• The Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM) is designed to meet the needs of individuals, client organizations and professional bodies for management education.
  • The GDM is an ideal shorter course for those who do not have the time to study for a longer degree. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the major areas of business management. The GDM program also provides a gateway to acquire an MBA degree programs for those students who wish to continue their study.
  • These courses provide a broad, comprehensive and forward-looking orientation that equips students to research, monitor, analyze and make effective decisions in relation to the complex issues confronting the modern manager at both strategic and operational levels.
  • This degree applies to all graduates from different disciplines provided that they are in compliance with the admission requirements set by the school.
  • Graduate Diploma in Management students must complete all coursework within minimum 2 semesters (maximum 4 semesters) including registration breaks from the time of enrollment in the program.
  • No. of Courses/ Program: 6 Courses (except CMA has 8 courses – 24 Credit Hours).
  • Total Credit hours 18 Credit Hours.
  • Spring intake: May \ Application Deadline: Mid of April.
  • Fall intake: November \ Application Deadline: Mid of October.