Registration system and procedures

Students have to abide by the starting date of registration according to the academic calendar announced on the Academy website. The registration process is as follows:a. Students are to register electronically via their student portal or with the help of their academic advisor at the College of Dentistry on announced dates.b. Students can register a number of hours each term, provided that they do not exceed the maximum academic load allowed or go below the minimum limit (See Article 8). Notably, the minimum limit does not apply to the summer semester.c. Students can or add a registered course during the announced dates, while abiding by all registration rules and regulations.d. In case students do not finalize registration procedures during the allotted time, they must apply for postponing the semester. Otherwise, they are considered absentees for this particular semester.e. It is worth mentioning that, the student must complete all his/her courses including prerequisites from semester 1 to 6 with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C equivalent to 60%) (Pass) to be allowed to register for semester 7.