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It's a pleasure to welcome the Arab and African youth, the future leaders of Maritime Transport and Technology College, where versatile opportunities are available for those who are interested in being certified and qualified seafarers on-board foreign going vessels through achieving their Certificate of Competency (COC) as deck or engineer officer. Giving them vast opportunities to develop their career by working on national and international merchant marine fleets.

The collage also offers a bachelor degree in Maritime Transport Technology and Marine Engineering Technology as well as educational and training programs in Meteorology, Hydrographic Survey and Diving. All courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers.

The existence of the College as one of the main units in an integrated and collaborative maritime complex within the Arab Academy provides students with a unique opportunity to have excellent Maritime Educational services.

The availability of training in the college, such as the simulator, the training vessel AIDA IV, Maritime Safety Centre and computer laboratories, as well as diesel engine and marine engineering workshops, enhances the applied aspects of education that the college offers. No wonder, the College was listed by the World Bank in 1995 as a recognized institution of maritime experts.

Education and training are administered in a sound, cultural, social, and sportive environment, in addition to ethics and morals, which are basic to the preparation of fine caliber graduates.

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