Dean´s Message


In today's rapidly changing and evolving world, every aspect of life becomes a challenge, and only those that are smart enough to act today with an eye open to what tomorrow will bring, may take the lead. Education is not an exception to this rule. What you decide to do today will stick with you in the future.

In the College of Management and Technology (CMT) we always strive to offer our students a chance to make their educational journey unique and prosperous, not only in providing the required education, but in providing them with the necessary tools needed for a successful career. In doing this, we did not forget that it is also important to do it and fully enjoy it. Your college years will be always remembered, and the experience we guide you through will be an asset for your life and your career. Sports activities, social activities and fun activities are examples of the experience that we will lead you through.

We also encourage our students to explore the world outside the school's campus. Summer training provides you with many advantages including the skills that you will acquire, but most importantly it will charge you positively towards the completion of your program an towards successful employment. Travelling will also allow you to be exposed to other cultures. We don't only plan fun-trips (locally and internationally) but we also give you unique opportunities to spend a whole semester abroad through any of the exchange programs and arrangements we have with universities in France, UK and the United States of America.

Over and above, you can join one of our international programs and be exposed to the world without having to leave Egypt.

Congratulations for being a student at CMT – Dokky, and I with the entire staff will make sure you have an enjoyable, most prosperous and safe ride in your journey towards excellence.

 Dr. Ahmed F Hassab-Allah

The Academic Dean - Dokky branch