“The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is an affiliate to the Arab League that was established in 1972. The Academy comprises four main colleges which offer a wide variety of specializations: the College of Management and Technology, the College of Engineering and Technology, the College of Maritime Transport and Technology and our most recent addition, the School of Computing and Information Technology. Around 15,000 students are currently enrolled in these colleges.

The Academy’s learning philosophy is echoed in its name. The term “Technology” was purposely added to reflect the Academy’s emphasis on the “know-how” rather than the “know-what” in its learning approach. In 1999, the AAST was awarded the ISO 9001 from the D.N.V after developing and implementing its quality assurance system in its colleges. In 1997, the College of Management and Technology – Dokky was founded as the first AASTMT college to be founded in Cairo. Located very close to the down-town, CMT-Dokky attracts a very ive number of Egyptian, Arab and foreign students. The style of the CMT-Dokky campus is very unique and very special. Its establishment came in response to the Academy’s desire to create a source of knowledge and skills for the business sector and professionals in Cairo. Around 3000 students have graduated from the College of Management and Technology. Around 1000 students are currently enrolled in it.

The College of Management and Technology introduces up-to-date knowledge and practices into its curricula, and offers its programs in different formats to meet the needs of targeted enrollees. The College places great emphasis on promoting the ethical maturity and on developing the analytical and interpersonal abilities of professionals”. CMT-Dokky exciting portfolio of undergraduate degree courses covers a diverse range of subjects including: Finance and Accounting, Marketing and International Business, Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, Media Management, Business and Management, Economics, and Logistics Management. On many of our programs, students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through a placement within an Egyptian or international organization.