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Sunday, 26th March, 2023


College of Language and Communication translation service can help you overcome your language barrier by translating your academic paper into English and editing it thoroughly, so that you can submit it to an English-language journal with confidence. Our qualified translators have subject-specific translation experience, and our editors have strong domain knowledge and superior language skills. We specialize in translating academic and scientific documents, conference proceedings, and presentations across a range of subjects such as medicine, the life sciences, engineering, and business. CLC offers affordable document translation services to help campus clients and community members communicate effectively in order to increase cross-cultural understanding and diversity awareness. Students acquire knowledge and skills in these fields while delivering translation services under the attentive supervision of our director. Submission Guidelines:
We provide translation for the following kinds of documents:
• Legal documents
• Syllabi or other academic texts for university members or prospective students
• Texts for community-based health, education, nonprofit, or art initiatives to reach a greater audience in the AASTMT community
We accept the following file types:
• Microsoft Word
• Adobe PDF
• Publisher
• Hard Copies

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