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Software Engineering Program.

Semester 1    Semester 2    Semester 3    Semester 4    Semester 5    Semester 6    Semester 7    Semester 8   

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA003 Math 0 None N/A
BA101 Calculus 1 None N/A
BA113 Physics None Course material
CS111 Introduction to Computers None Course material
IS171 Introduction to Information systems None Course material
LH135 English For Specific Purposes I None N/A
NC172 Fundamentals of Business None N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA102 Calculus 2 BA101 Course material
CS143 Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming CS111 Course material
EC134 Fundamentals of Electronics BA113 Course material
GM311 Introduction to Multimedia CS111 N/A
LH136 English For Specific Purposes II LH135 N/A
NC133 Communication Skills LH135 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA201 Calculus III BA102 Course material
BA203 Probability and Statistics BA102 N/A
BA216 Advanced Physics BA113 N/A
CE216 Digital Logic Design CS111 Course material
CS202 Discrete Structures CS111 Course material
CS243 Object Oriented Programming CS143 Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CE231 Introduction to Networks CS143 N/A
CE243 Intro. to Computer Architecture CE216 N/A
CS212 Data Structures and Algorithms CS243 Course material
CS244 Advanced Programming Applications CS243 Course material
IS273 Database Systems CS143 Course material
IT321 Professional Training in Programming I (.Net 1) NoneN/A
SE291 Introduction to Software Engineering CS243, IS171 Course material

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA304 Linear Algebra BA102 N/A
CS311 Theory of Computation CS202 Course material
CS333 Web Programming IS273 Course material
IT322 Professional Training in Programming II (.Net 2) IT321N/A
SE391 Project Management SE291 N/A
SE392 Software Requirements and Specifications SE291 N/A
Elective courses : select 1 from group 0 Humanities Elective         Minor

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CS312 Computing Algorithms CS212 Course material
CS322 Operating Systems CS212, CE243 Course material
CS366 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS212, CS202 Course material
CS451 Human Computer Interaction SE291 Course material
SE393 Principles of Software Architecture SE291 Course material
Elective courses : select 1 from group 6 Professional Training in Programming         Minor

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
SE401 Project I GPA>=2.0 & 96 CR N/A
SE491 Software Component Design SE291 N/A
Elective courses : select 2 from group 1 GM Major Electives      127SE Major Electives   Major
Elective courses : select 1 from group 5 Minor Elective         Minor
Elective courses : select 1 from group 6 Professional Training in Programming         Minor

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CS421 Computer System Security CS322, CE231 Course material
SE402 Project II SE401N/A
SE492 Software Verification SE291 Course material
Elective courses : select 2 from group 1 GM Major Electives         Major
Elective courses : select 1 from group 5 Minor Elective         Minor
Elective courses : select 1 from group 6 Professional Training in Programming         Minor

Elective courses
SE Major Electives
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
CS427 Embedded Systems Programming CS143, CE243 N/A
CS428Cloud Computing CS322, CE231 Course material
SE493Software Quality Assurance SE291 N/A
SE494Formal Methods in Software Engineering SE291 N/A
SE495Security in Software Engineering SE291N/A
SE496Software Engineering Process SE291N/A

Elective courses
Humanities Elective
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
NC172 Fundamentals of Business None N/A
NC215Theory of Colors None N/A
NC252Principles of Marketing None N/A
NC262Scientific Thinking NoneN/A
NC263Environmental Science and Technology NoneN/A
NC264Principles of Microeconomics None N/A
NC275Global Business None N/A
NC283Introduction to Accounting None N/A
NC471Business Process Management 96 CR or moreN/A

Elective courses
Minor Elective [ Multimedia & Computer Graphics ]
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
CS352 Computer Graphics CS212 N/A
GM315Digital Audio & Video Fundamentals GM311N/A
GM317Media Production and Editing GM311N/A
GM323Digital Lighting and Rendering GM324 N/A
GM3243D Modeling GM311 N/A
GM411Computer Animation GM323 N/A
Minor Electives [ Information Systems ]
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
IS471 Strategic Planning for IS IS391 N/A
IS461Decision Support Systems CS366 N/A
IS391Systems Analysis & Design IS171, CS243 N/A
IS374Advanced Database Systems IS273 N/A
IS372Information Systems Theory And Practice IS171 N/A
IS371E-business Fundamentals IS171 N/A
Minor Electives [ Computer Science ]
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
CS445 Structure of Programming Languages CS311, CS321 Course material
CS443Game Programming CS243, CS352 N/A
CS331Network Protocols & Programming CE231, CS243 N/A
CS321Systems Programming CS243, CE243 Course material
CS305System Modeling and Simulation BA203, CS243N/A
CS301Numerical Methods BA304, CS143 Course material

Elective courses
Professional Training in Networking
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
IT331 Professional Training in Networking 1 NoneN/A
IT332Professional Training in Networking 2 IT331N/A
IT431Professional Training in Networking 3 IT332 N/A
Professional Training in Databases
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
IT371 Professional Training in Databases 1 NoneN/A
IT372Professional Training in Databases 2 IT371N/A
IT471Professional Training in Database 3 IT472N/A
Professional Training in Multimedia
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
IT382 Professional Training in Multimedia 1 None N/A
IT481Professional Training in Multimedia 2 IT480N/A
IT482Professional Training in Multimedia 3 IT481N/A
Professional Training in Programming
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
IT291 Professional Training in Entrepreneurship NoneN/A
IT421Professional Training in Programming III NoneN/A
IT422Professional Training in Programming IV NoneN/A