QAAC Activities

•  Applying compliance concepts by expanding the scope of the center's activity to include all colleges, institutes and supporting centers and contributing to spreading the culture of quality and the culture of accreditation.

•  Conducting an internal audit on educational activities and supporting services at all sites within the Academy internal audits regarding specific protocols and measures and raise nonconformities regarding the implementation of the educational process and other supporting units and discussing corrective actions and areas for improvement.

•  Setting up follow-up mechanisms on educational activities and supporting services and monitoring the extent to which these activities meet the quality requirements and how to follow them on a regular basis to verify the actual performance levels against the planned.

•  Qualifying competent staff for implementing quality policies regarding the heads of quality units and quality coordinators in colleges and administrative units for the purpose of implementing the unified automated management system in the Academy. The main objective is to improve the quality of smart educational processes and their supporting processes.

•  Conducting periodic field research that measures satisfaction rates for the beneficiaries of the services of the Academy with its educational and automated management system, regarding students, faculty members, employees, and community parties

•  Providing technical assistance and support to colleges and institutes for the accreditation activity and coordination with the quality assurance units in colleges in following accreditation on of programs locally and internationally and write reports that reflect the fulfillment of their requirements before the time frame specified for the re-certification of the accreditation so that the College takes the necessary Corrective actions.