Telephone numbers Academy( Branch in Port Said)
Port Said Governorate - City of Port Fouad - first by East Port Said
Ex Branch: 0663422302     To  : 0663422311 (line 10)
Fax: 0663400068

NoColleges / Institutes / Departments Phone GroundInternalNotes
1Office Branch Manager066/3422317
2Admission and Registration 0663422813 01090055782222 - 208-209
3College of International Transport and Logistics066/3407479180
4College of Engineering and Technology0663422319105
5College of Graduate school of Business0663422302230
6Public Relations0663423454172- 173-174
7Community service programs0663422814242
8Institute of productivity and quality0663401748218
9Institute of Port Training0663400125151

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