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Aya Ahmed Hisham

College of Management & Technology Marketing & International Management

University life is a great experience, rich on both the personal and the professional aspects. It enables youth to acquire various skills, including presentation and communication skills. The academic material allows students to experience the nature o

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Ahmad Abdel-Rahman

Maritime Transport & Technology, Abou Qir Capmus, Alexandria

The College of Maritime Transport is a pivotal turning point in the life of any of its students. Throughout our years of basic studies, we were mostly seized by both the concept of belonging to a greater entity and the passion we have for fulfilling th

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Noor Gharbo

College of Language and Communication Media Department, Miami Campus, Alexandria

AAST is a unique institution which is characterized by a special character, it is not only a university but it is a window on the entire life which making us not only learn because of the distinct content of cadres in scientific subjects, but the acade

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Mennatullah Talaat Abdel Fattah Ibrahim

College of Engineering & Technology, Heliopolis capmus, Cairo

It was only us that have shared special timings ever since we started till this very moment to remember and cherish over the coming years and tell our future children about. I realize now at this very moment how incredibly lucky we are to be here all t

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Lamis hatem mohamed elzefzaf

College of Engineering & Technology, heliopolis, Cairo

I am so proud to be a part of this association. Here we learn new things with interesting tecniques. The university provide us with all the facilities required and whatever we need. We also have the best stuff of professors, doctors, and TAs.That's

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Wessam Hanna

College of International Transport & Logistic, Asswan branch

It's great honor to belong to this huge Educational campus AAST , especially the unique college in the middle east, logistics, which prepared me well in all the administration sciences in general and the logistics, transportation and the supply ser

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Nanci Abd El-monieam El-keiy

College of Language & Communication, Heliopolis capmus, Cairo

So happy that I'm an aastian as it made me more specialized in both translation and media and that's a tough thing. Also we host a lot of people who left their good reputation in the society and i always learn from them looking forward to be a

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Mahmoud Ahmed Allam

College of International Transport and Logistics, Heliopolis Campus, Cairo

AAST is a unique institution which is characterized by a special character. It is not only a university but also a window on the entire life which enables us not only to learn, but also to build our minds and characters to become leading figures who can meet the challenges and difficulties we encounter in our life-long path. It is my honor to belong to this great institution

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