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Student Testimonials

Take some time to read and watch what our past and present students say about their experiences studying at AASTMT.

Sherif Talaat

BSc. In Banking & Finance Senior Investment Analyst at Ekuity Holding

"I believe a meaningful life should be all about aiming high and working hard to reach that high. My aim was to be a University Of London and Arab Academy graduate and to achieve this aim, I had to work hard. Being a UoL graduate qualified me continue my studies at the University of Coventry in the UK to obtain a master in Finance."

Aya Ahmed Hisham

College of Management & Technology
Marketing & International Management

"University life is a great experience, rich on both the personal and the professional aspects. It enables youth to acquire various skills, including presentation and communication skills. The academic material allows students to experience the nature of the labor market and meets its demands, which is a crucial asset needed to start off after graduation. Our faculty members were endlessly helpful and trusting, they genuinely provided us with continuous support, relentlessly enduring our lack of know how."

Ahmad Abdel-Rahman

Maritime Transport & Technology, Abou Qir Capmus, Alexandria

"The College of Maritime Transport is a pivotal turning point in the life of any of its students. Throughout our years of basic studies, we were mostly seized by both the concept of belonging to a greater entity and the passion we have for fulfilling the need of becoming the source pride in the field of commercial maritime transport. We pay out gratitude to all those who had contributed in the enrichment of our academic life, making it the best phase of our lives."

Noor Gharbo

College of Language and Communication Media Department, Miami Campus, Alexandria

"AAST is a unique institution which is characterized by a special character, it is not only a university but it is a window on the entire life which making us not only learn because of the distinct content of cadres in scientific subjects, but the academy also knows how to build the mind and characters to make leading figures who can meet the challenges and difficulties the perfect place, and That is honor for me to belong to this great institution."

Sherifa Ahmed Abdel Razek

AASTMT University of London Programme, Regional Economic Analyst- European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), London Head Office

The reasons for wanting to study in a dual degree programme. I can list down many reasons for wanting to pursue my education under the dual programme between Arab Academy and University of London (UoL), but to keep it short and simple: it’s the world wide known quality of education of these UoL programmes. It truly prepared me for what came next in my career path. Being the first introduced to the dual programme between UoL and the Arab Academy during my final IGCSE year was a grand opportunity that has enriched my work experience and definitely altered my career path. As mentioned earlier, this highlights the quality education that was offered by this programme, as University of London is known for its vigorous coursework, especially those under LSE’s umbrella. It primarily developed my skills that supported my work in aspects that entail creativity, critical thinking and work under pressure. It helped me to smoothly shift from policy-oriented work in the central bank of Egypt to deeper analysis of the MENA region in an international organization (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development), and further to graduate studies at LSE for further research work in the field.

Yehia Sabet

College of Management and Technology , Dokki Campus Cairo

"Firstly, applying to AAST was an advice from my mentor & teacher at IGCSE who advised me to join AAST due to their incredible history and their amazing ranking and reputation among National, Arab & International universities. I didn't hesitate to apply and to join AAST as to be choosing the major that I wanted the most which is Finance. AAST gave me the needed atmosphere to inspire all the stakeholders. It gave me the impression that I am living in a family. It's the only university around Egypt that can treat it's students as human beings. I always felt that the campus is home, teachers are my parents and my colleagues are the family that I didn't choose. I will always be thankful for the amount of knowledge I gained from such University and I always wish that I can give back this university as much as it gave me. AAST one day I will come back as we are used to grow old together" Thank you so much

Sahar Hussein

AASTMT, University of London Programme

"I've always had great passion for economics, and when I first moved to Cairo and heard about the University of London international programme I knew instantly that this was perfect for me. In addition to the priceless experience, the quality of the courses and the learning environment that rendered me the opportunity for self-development, gave me an edge when it came to looking for a job. Despite the challenges I faced as one of the first to enroll in this programme in Cairo, the BSc in Economics and Management is an achievement I am most proud of. I worked with Barclays in Cairo as a Financial analyst after which I obtained a master's degree in Development Economics and Policy Analysis from the University of Nottingham, UK. I became interested in policy research so I later moved to Pakistan to work as an Economic Consultant at UNDP's Centre for Poverty Reduction & Social Policy Development (CPRSPD) and the Government’s think tank; the Planning Commission. I also worked as an Economist at the Egyptian Centre for Economic Studies (ECES) in Cairo. Now I started my new post in the World Bank in Washington DC. My areas of interest and publications include industrial policy, trade, economic growth and development."

Abdallah Hashem

College of Engineering & Technology
Electronics & Communications Engineering, Asswan Campus

"I always believe in the second chance and I found it in the Academy. During my study in the academy I developed my character and abilities a lot . I discovered skills and talents I never knew that I had and I even develop them more. I always feel proud when I tell anyone in which university I am. MY presence as a student in the academy gives me chances which I may never have in any university. I am sure after graduation I will get much more offers and opportunities. IN the academy I learned that we should have practices and entertainment to complete and balance our university study."

Laila Ahmed

The College of Language and Communication Translation Department, Miami Campus, Alexandria

"The College of Language and Communication is not your typical department. The students gain an intensive practical work experience, which leaves each and every one with more understanding and knowledge on their many different potentials prior to graduation. Aside from the work ethic being more hands on, the staff also have a more personal approach with the students. You’ll find yourself entering a new community, a family, which makes the overall experience much more enriching. CLC has definitely helped shape myself, and many others to who are today. And for that we thank each of the staff members, and the students in all terms for being a part of the process. "

Aladdin Hany Shaarawy

College of Maritime Transport & Technology, Abou Qir Campus, Alexandria Nautical department

"Two years ago when I joined the academy i was in doubt wether these studies were for me or not. In fact it was my second attempt in higher education. Today and after long hours of studying I graduate. I graduate with all the necessary tools to make maritime transport my job for the rest of my life. The knowledge and the experiences I encountered are what I needed to understand that maritime transport was the studies for me. I feel blessed with my decision of two years ago and grateful for all of the things I have seen and learned throughout the two years. So thank you for everyone that helped me turn this experience that started with doubt into success creating a path that I today know for a fact that I want to walk for the rest of my life."

Christen Ezzat Lamey

Construction & Building Engineering College of Engineering & Technology, Aswan Branch

"First, I think I am so lucky to study in a huge Educational place like the AAST. This place offers me the best Education. I owe the academy the favor of forming my character and mind as a civil engineer. SO I would like to thank everyone shares in such a great work, and first of them all I thank the manager of Aswan branch Prof. Mohamed Beshir Saleh for all his efforts and who was always available to see and meet students at any time. I also want to thank all the doctors, assistants and the whole managers for their obvious understanding and cooperating in their treatments with the students. I can't forget my colleagues the best ever, although we are from different places they were the best brothers, sisters and friends. The academy. The best days of my life."

Salah Hamdy

College of Engineering & Technology
Electronics and Communication, Abou Qir Capmus, Alexandria

"During My study I worked as a researcher in (GPS and Navigations) in Queen's University in Canada in 2014. Worked as a researcher in (LADAR and electromagnetic waves) in RMC (Royal Military College) University in Canada in 2015. Won the best poster paper , which focus was on “Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for 3G, 4G, and 5G”, in 33rd National Radio Science Conference, and accepted paper. The paper’s focus was on "A New Fractal-Like Tree Structure of Circular Patch Antennas for 5G Multi-Band and Wide-Band Applications", with my colleague Ahmed Elkholy, under supervision of our Professors."

Mahmoud Ahmed Allam

College of International Transport and Logistics, Heliopolis Campus, Cairo

"AAST is a unique institution which is characterized by a special character. It is not only a university but also a window on the entire life which enables us not only to learn, but also to build our minds and characters to become leading figures who can meet the challenges and difficulties we encounter in our life-long path. It is my honor to belong to this great institution"

Nanci Abd El-monieam El-keiy

College of Language & Communication, Heliopolis capmus, Cairo

"so happy that I'm an aastian as it made me more specialized in both translation and media and that's a tough thing. Also we host a lot of people who left their good reputation in the society and i always learn from them looking forward to be a good presenter, Thanks AASTMT"

Wessam Hanna

College of International Transport & Logistic, Asswan branch

"It's great honor to belong to this huge Educational campus AAST , especially the unique college in the middle east, logistics, which prepared me well in all the administration sciences in general and the logistics, transportation and the supply series by efficient professors majored in logistics inside and outside Egypt."

Lamis hatem mohamed elzefzaf

College of Engineering & Technology, heliopolis, Cairo

"I am so proud to be a part of this association. Here we learn new things with interesting tecniques. The university provide us with all the facilities required and whatever we need. We also have the best stuff of professors, doctors, and TAs.That's not everything we also have extracurricular activities that enhance our social life and build our minds giving us experience to face the world afterward."

Mennatullah Talaat Abdel Fattah Ibrahim

College of Engineering & Technology, Heliopolis capmus, Cairo

"It was only us that have shared special timings ever since we started till this very moment to remember and cherish over the coming years and tell our future children about. I realize now at this very moment how incredibly lucky we are to be here all together after all what we have been through. A lot I believe! But we cannot leave without sincerely thanking our parents, great professors, GTAs, and classmates for helping, supporting, and advising us all the way through. We are speechless. But Thank you –."

Mennat Allah Ahmed Mohammed Sageer

College of Management & Technology

"During my study in the academy I have studied many curriculums in different majors as accounting, financial management, Economy, marketing and many other which made me more experienced in many fields. In addition to the theoretical study, there was a practical side. During my study I have also benefited from studying with a lot of professors and From their wide experience in the practical life. The academy activities, the conferences, and the meetings from which the academy achieved its aim that "Education for life not for The exam"