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University-Industry Integration Forum

As part of the College of Engineering and Technology's commitment to maintaining effective connections with public and governmental institutions as one of the strategic goals, Dr. Eman Gamal El-Din Morsi, the College's Vice Dean for Training and Community Service and Assistant to the President of the Academy for Training, attended the First University-Industry Integration Forum at the Faculty of Engineering, Port Said University. The forum took place on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at the Hilton Port Fuad Hotel.

The forum was held under the patronage of Major General Adel El-Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, and in the presence of Professor Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, the President of Port Said University. The forum focused on research projects related to coastal protection, desalination, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence. The discussions led to several outcomes:

Increased collaboration in research projects.

Proposals for specialized workshops in each field attended by students, industry professionals, and decision-makers in the respective sectors. For example, workshops on water desalination, energy, petroleum, and gas.

The university should serve as a consultancy hub for solving industrial problems.

Utilizing solutions presented in master's and doctoral theses and linking them to the industry.

Inviting industry professionals to attend the 23rd Water Technology Conference (Water Desalination and Treatment) to be held in Port Said in March 2023, serving as a meeting point for industry experts, university professors, and decision-makers.