Clean Water and Sanitation

Monitoring, Assessment & Innovative Treatment Technology To Enhance of Groundwater Quality For Irrigation Purposes Toward Climate Change Adaptation TREATMENT

The main purpose of this project, is to enhance the quality of groundwater for irrigation purposes towards climate change adaptation. The project aims to achieve this by monitoring and assessing groundwater quality, developing innovative treatment technologies, and promoting sustainable use of groundwater resources. The ultimate goal is to ensure water supply security for agriculture in the face of increasing water scarcity and climate change impacts. The project at AASTMT - AbuQuir Campus addresses growing concerns about increasing pollution in aquatic resources and climate change affecting freshwater quality. This is particularly crucial for drinking, the food industry, and irrigation. Focusing on groundwater as a potential solution, especially in arid regions where it is the primary source, the project aims to enhance the irrigation and drinking water quality from 13 borehole ground wells at Abu Qir Campus, near Alexandria City's eastern shore. The project involves collecting and analyzing physical, chemical, and biological water samples to assess pollution regionally and temporally, correlating findings with environmental and climatic conditions. Nanotechnology will be employed to improve water quality. The AASTMT has fully funded the project, emphasizing the main objective of enhancing water quality through seasonal water sampling and subsequent improvements. The main objective of the project is:

  1. Evaluate the groundwater quality in 13 selected borehole wells at Abu Qir campus, Alexandria, specifically for its suitability for irrigation purposes.
  2. Investigate the influence of various physical, chemical, and climatic factors on groundwater quality.
  3. Determine the spatial and temporal variations in the physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters of groundwater in the study area, correlating them with environmental and climatic factors.
  4. Explore advanced treatment options to improve groundwater quality for irrigation, utilizing new technologies and materials.
  5. Design an innovative water treatment unit featuring an Activated Carbon (AC) biofilm system supported by silver Nano particles (Ag NPs) as a continuous treatment system. The goal is to ensure and maintain high water quality suitable for irrigation purposes.