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Program Description

Dive into the dynamic world of maritime industries with our BSc program in Marine and Offshore Engineering at AASTMT. This multidisciplinary program merges technical, practical, and theoretical understanding in marine engineering, offshore engineering, and shipbuilding. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including engine labs and computer simulation software, create an immersive learning experience. Students have the unique opportunity to specialize in Marine, Offshore, or Ocean Engineering in their final year, each providing distinct career paths. Compliant with STCW Convention requirements, our graduates emerge as highly sought-after professionals in the maritime market. Embark on your maritime journey with us.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of the BSc program in Marine and Offshore Engineering, students will:

    1. Demonstrate a robust understanding of fundamental principles of marine and offshore engineering.
    2. Apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems in the fields of marine and offshore engineering.
    3. Use cutting-edge software for simulation and analysis of maritime systems and structures.
    4. Design and optimize marine and offshore structures and systems. Evaluate the environmental impact of maritime operations and devise sustainable solutions.
    5. Adhere to professional ethics and regulations, including those set by the STCW Convention.
    6. Communicate effectively and work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams.
    7. Develop an ability for lifelong learning and adaptability to technological changes in the maritime industry.
    8. Specialize in one of the three major fields: Marine, Offshore, or Ocean Engineering.
    9. Demonstrate readiness for successful careers in the maritime industry or further academic pursuits.

Markets and Career

  • Graduates of the BSc program in Marine and Offshore Engineering have diverse job opportunities in a rapidly growing industry, including:

    Naval Architecture: Work in design, construction, and repair of various marine vehicles.
    Marine Businesses: Find roles in the shipping industry, both onboard ships and onshore.
    Shipyards: Participate in shipbuilding and repair.
    Design Firms and Consultancy: Provide professional advice on marine projects.
    Marine Equipment Manufacturing: Engage in the production of marine tools and equipment.
    Classification Societies: Work as surveyors, auditors, inspectors, etc.
    Regulatory Bodies: Play a role in national and international maritime regulations.
    Offshore Oil and Gas: Contribute to exploration, field development, and production.
    Offshore Renewable Energy: Find opportunities in wind, wave, and tidal energy extraction.
    Ocean Engineering: Work on port and harbor construction, maritime infrastructure projects, and coastal habitat restoration.
    Research and Development: Participate in innovations for the maritime industry.
    Education: Teach future generations of marine and offshore engineers.
    Government and Navies: Contribute to the development and maintenance of national maritime resources.

Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Welcome to the Marine and Offshore Engineering department at AASTMT. Our innovative BSc program offers in-depth training in marine engineering, offshore engineering, and shipbuilding. Students benefit from cutting-edge facilities and an immersive curriculum, with the opportunity to specialize in Marine, Offshore, or Ocean Engineering in their final year. Compliant with STCW Convention requirements, our program equips graduates for competitive success in the maritime industry. Join us and navigate your future..

Code Title Prequisites
BA113 Physics None
BA123 Mathematics I None
BA141 Engineering Mechanics I None
CC111 Introduction to Computers None
D101 Leadership I None
LH131 ESP 1 None
ME151 Engineering Drawing and Projection None
MT112 Marine Safety MT111
P101 Physical Education I None
Code Title Prequisites
BA118 Chemistry None
BA124 Mathematics II BA123
BA142 Engineering Mechanics II BA141
CC114 Introduction to Programming CC111
D102 Leadership II D101
IM112 Manufacturing Technology None
LH132 ESP 2 LH131
P102 Physical Education II P101
BA114 Physics II BA113
Code Title Prequisites
EE329 Electrical Machines EE238
ME276 Stress Analysis ME274
ME355 Theory of Machines BA142
MM317 Marine & Offshore Simulation 76 Cr. Hrs.
MM346 Marine Hydrodynamic 1 MM241
NE466 Environmental Science & Technology None
NM291 Maritime Law None
Code Title Prequisites
CC442 Digital Design & Intro. to Microprocessor CC112&EE218 or CC114
EE418 Automatic Control Systems EE329 or EE328+BA323
ME431 Heat Transfer ME333 or ME231
ME454 Machine Design ME252
MM415 Marine Engineering III MM 312 - MM211
MM447 Marine Hydrodynamic 2 MM346
Code Title Prequisites
IM400M Practical Training 90 Credit Hours
ME423 Steam Plant Engineering ME431
ME434 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ME431
ME455 Computer aided design ME356 & ME454
MM423 Marine Diesel Engines 3 MM 221 - MM322
MM429 Electrical Ship Design EE329
MM471 Introduction to Offshore Engineering 74 Cr. Hrs.

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