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Program Description

The Business Information Systems (BIS) department was established to reflect the fact that information technology is the backbone of businesses, it started by automating the different business functions and was followed by a whole set of applications that automate the daily work and generate periodic reports. As time progressed and with the emergence of computer networks, the role of computers has evolved to support decision-making for the different management levels which involved new areas like business Intelligence, ERP web and mobile applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding regarding major concepts, theories and contemporary issues in Business Administration/ Business Information Systems context. Analyze, interpret and apply theories in real Business administration/Business Information Systems. Use scientific models in problem solving. Effectively communicate, work in teams and present their findings effectively

Markets and Career

  • Business Information Systems graduates are highly demanded in diverse roles within Business and IT areas including but not limited to: Business analyst, Web/ System analyst, Web/System designer, Web/System developer, Database Analyst, Social Media Specialist, ERP Specialist, Mobile Application Developer or Business intelligence Specialist. Business Consultant

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements: Holder of the High School (Thanawiya Amma) certificate or any equivalent certificate.Medical fitness for the Nautical, Marine Engineering and Fisheries Technology departments. The student must not exceed 22 years (for Egyptians) at the beginning of classes and must declare his military conscription status. Sitting for the English Placement Test is a must. Enrollment Documents and Fees: 1- An official extract according to the type of student certificate : High School (Thanawya Amma): A certificate, or an official extract, of successful completion of High School (Thanawya Amma). American Diploma: A certificate of grades of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth years with 12 years of schooling (official transcript). IGCSE: Certificates of three years after the ninth grade. Certificate of successful completion of courses in all equivalent certificates (Abitur French Baccalaureate the International Baccalaureate - the Canadian Baccalaureate). Birth certificate or an official document. 2- A copy of your ID card or passport. 3- A copy of parents/guardian ID card or passport. 4- Four personal photos (6x4). 5- payment of $200 as submission and enrollment fees (Non- refundable). 6- Mental and Physical medical certificate . 7- A letter of embassy approval of the student admission to the Academy. This is a must for students whose embassies require that approval (Such as Saudi Arabia Kuwait- the United Arab Emirates. Jordan -Oman- Qatar).

Tests & Prerequisites

Data will be available soon




Data will be available soon.

Code Title Prequisites
MTH111E Math (1) None
ECO111E Microeconomics None
BIS111E Introduction to Information Systems (1) None
ENG111E English for Business (1) None
MGT111E Principles of Management (1) None
Code Title Prequisites
ECO121E Macroeconomics ECO111E
ENG121E English for Business (2) ENG111E
BIS121E Introduction to Information System (2) BIS111E
MTH121E Math (2) MTH111E
MGT121E Principles of Management (2) MGT121E
Code Title Prequisites
MGT211E Organizational Behavior MGT121E
MKT211E Principles of Marketing MGT121E
STA211E Descriptive Statistics MTH111E
BIS216E E-Commerce Technologies BIS111E
BIS215E Database Management BIS121E
BIS217E Social Media BIS121E
Code Title Prequisites
FIN221E Financial Management ACC121E & STA211E
MGT222E Research Methodology STA211E & MGT121E
BIS225E Multimedia BIS111E
BIS227E Introduction to programming BIS216E
BIS226E Information system analysis and design BIS215E
ELC4791 Computer applications in business BIS121E
Code Title Prequisites
MGT212E Operations Research MGT121E
BIS315E Advanced database BIS215E
BIS316E Web design fundamentals BIS225E
BIS317E Web programming BIS227E
ELC4781 E-Learning BIS111E
Code Title Prequisites
MGT311E Human Resources Mgt. MGT211E
MGT221E Production & Operations Mgt. MGT212E
BIS326E Information System Project Management BIS111E
BIS325E ERP Fundamentals BIS121E
BIS327E E-business strategies BIS216E
ELC4801 Mobile commerce BIS121E
Code Title Prequisites
MGT411E Organizational Analysis & Design MGT121E
LAW211E Business Law None
BIS415E Information retrieval (seo) BIS216E
BIS416E Networks and security BIS227E & BIS215E
BIS417E Graduation project 1 None
ELC4751 Business intelligence None
Code Title Prequisites
MGT421E Strategic Management MGT311E
BIS425E Decision support systems BIS315E
BIS426E New trends in bis None
BIS427E Graduation project 2 None
ELC491E Cultural affairs None
ELC488E Speech and communication skills ENG121E

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