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Program Description

Graduated student will: • Gain the needed knowledge, understanding and required skills for offshore maritime industry • Capable to operate and handle all kinds of supply vessels. • Capable of performing all offshore operations with the dynamic positioning system. • Apply Methods of Risk assessment and Dealing with all offshore dangerous goods.

Learning Outcomes

  • The Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) describe competencies and skills that our students acquire by the time of graduation. B.Sc. in Maritime Transport Technology has the following PLOs: a. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and information technology to support marine operations and navigation techniques. b. Explain the scientific, legal and regulatory framework to maintain a safe sound manner for the marine operations safety and environment protection. c. Demonstrate understanding of relevant information for building professionalism, capacity and work ethics. d. Apply the principles and theories of ship and marine operations and develop appropriate navigation methodology in different situations. e. Utilize data to insure optimum safe port and shipping operations. f. Recognize the importance of planning before carrying out a task. g. Show proficiency as a team member and take a leadership responsibility in ship operations. h. Demonstrate an ability to articulate and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to develop lines of argument and make sound judgments. i. Utilize the appropriate resources, to assimilate new knowledge and skills in offshore operations. j. Demonstrate the ability to comprehend maritime multiple tasks and solve unfamiliar problems. k. Set team objectives and take responsibility for team performance in the workplace and be able to function on multidisciplinary teams.

Markets and Career

  • The global offshore oil and gas industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. Offshore vessels are designed to perform a wide range of tasks associated with the offshore explorations and exploitation of oil and gas. They are the main means of transportation to carry equipment, goods and personnel to offshore platforms that operate deep in oceans. In this context, the aim of this program is to supply the oil and gas maritime industry with officers who have the qualified knowledge required for enhancing the offshore industry and are capable of carrying out special types of offshore industry jobs by managing, handling, maintaining and supervising special types of vessels that are designed for offshore industry

Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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The Maritime Transport Technology Department aims at preparing its graduates for the contemporary challenges faced by the transport sector. As such, it enables the people involved in the transport sector to upgrade their technical knowledge and abilities through special courses, combined with general management training. It Qualifies the students to obtain B.Sc.Tec. Degree in Maritime Transport (Nautical Technology, Offshore Operations Technology, Maritime Safety and Environmental Protection, Shipping and Port Operations), to work in the various fields of Maritime Transport and Management, e.g., Marine Inspectors, Maritime Experts, Oil Pollution Control Specialists, Container & Multipurpose Terminal Managers & Operators, Port Planners and Administrators, Port Traffic Officers, Port Pilots, Marine Experts and Consultants, Cargo Inspectors and Draft Surveyors..

Code Title Prequisites
BA112N Physics II BA111N
BA122N Mathematics II BA121N
BS112 Marine Safety BS111
BS132 Terrestrial Navigation Part I BS131
BS133 Celestial Navigation BA121N
BS142 Computer II BS141
BS172 Maritime English II BS171
L102 Leadership II L101
P102 Physical Education II P101
Code Title Prequisites
NS400 Research Methodology & Statistics BA122N
NS403 Innovation & Entrepreneurship NONE
NS436 Integrated Navigation System B263&B235&B262 OR MT235 & MT263
Code Title Prequisites
NS401 Project NS400&S306
NS419 Seamanship & Marine Safety BS214-S306
NS423 Ship Construction & Stability S306
NS438 Terrestrial Navigation III BS235 & S306
NS439 Celestial Navigation II BS133 & S306
NS456 Cargo Handling & Stowage BS251

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