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  • Empowering AAST Students, Lessons from the Egyptian Stock Exchange for Future Leaders

Empowering AAST Students, Lessons from the Egyptian Stock Exchange for Future Leaders

Our students recently had the opportunity to attend a major conference with Ahmed El Sheikh, the head of the Egyptian Exchange - EGX, and Dr. Ahmed Abdallah Zayed, the director of Alexandria Bibliotheca.


The AAST students at this session had thoughtful conversations about the importance of making wise financial choices. The conference offered priceless knowledge into successful investment techniques, showing the need for investing in the Egyptian Exchange (EGX). The conference acted as a catalyst for building our students with critical knowledge that would surely affect their futures by pushing the younger generation to in to knowing  wise financial management and strategic investing techniques.


We are proud of our students for taking advantage of this chance to deepen their knowledge of investment principles and financial literacy. As a center for development, we are committed to providing our students with the skills and information needed to succeed in a world that is always changing.


Additionally, the conference provided an atmosphere for networking and learning from business professionals, giving our AAST students knowledge  of the complexities of investment strategies and financial markets. The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime students explored important topics such as investing in EGX, Learn everything needed  before investing, dealing with stockbrokers, and the role of technology in modern investing through an interactive workshop.


After taking in such a knowledge, our AAST students left with a deeper understanding of the difficulties involved in making financial decisions as well as a sharper knowledge of the potential presented by the Egyptian Stock Exchange. With this understanding, they can confidently stay on track with the shifting landscape of global finance and make well-informed decisions.


At our University, we are aware of the influence that financial literacy has on both societal advancement and personal empowerment. We renew our dedication to giving our students the instruction and tools they need to flourish in a world that is becoming more interconnected by arranging events like this conference.


In the future, we hope to keep creating an environment of innovation and success, enabling our AAST students to fulfill their potential and contribute to society.