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Electrical Construction Practices

Electrical Construction Practices, 14-15-16 Feb, 2023
This course is based on the transfer of practical experience that enables students to implement electrical panels from the first stage of design and drawing on the CAD program, then building and implementing panels, then testing them on the ground, to counting quantities.
The workshop will be delivered by Eng. Hamdi Abdel-Rasoul - the founder and CEO of "Dar Al-Kahrabaa for Electrical Supplies and Contracting", where he will explain the course for free to the students of the department and issue a joint certificate with the department to pass the course from "Dar Al-Kahrabaa", provided that the student passes an exam at the end of the course.
The workshop will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, February 14-16, at Lab 201.
With sincere wishes to our dear students for success and permanent progress