Professional Diploma in Maritime Security


  • The Regional Institute for Maritime Security conducts a professional diploma specialized in maritime security in 13 weeks.
  • Upon having this diploma, the trainee will be able to be familiar with many general maritime topics in addition to courses and topics related to maritime security as follows: -
  1. No. of 4 weeks that include general marine topics.
    (Maritime knowledge - safety, search and rescue - international rules to avoid collision at sea - coastal navigation - ship handling and emergency procedures - maritime law).
  2. No. of 9 weeks including courses specialized in maritime security.
    (Proficiency as a Ship Security Officer “Proficiency SSO” or Company Security Officer “CSO” “according to the requirements for obtaining the course” - Port Facility Security Officer “PFSO” - Actions to be taken to prevent acts of Piracy and Armed Robbery - Security Risk Assessment - Maritime Security Auditor “Advanced Course” - Train-the-Trainer Course in Maritime Security- The advanced training course to implement the “ISPS Code” requirements)
  • At the end of the diploma, the trainee has a professional diploma in maritime security Certificate, and other maritime security certificates related to the above-mentioned courses that could be obtained provided paying the fees of these courses.