Dynamic Positioning Revalidation

  • Offshore Dynamic Positioning Systems


The course is intended for those who have already been issued a DPO certificate from The NI but are unable to revalidate their DPO certificate due to insufficient DP sea time. The overall course aim is to update the DPO’s with the latest rules and regulations, position references and sensors, known DP incidents and lessons learned. At the end of the course, the student should:

• Have acquired knowledge of the latest rules and regulations
• Have acquired knowledge of the latest developments within sensors and PRS
• Have acquired knowledge of the latest relevant DP incidents and why they occurred
• Be able to recognize the various alarm, warning and information messages
• Carry out operational planning, risk assessment and hazard identification tasks
• Set up the DP system for a particular task/operation
• Decide on courses of action because of systems failure.


Offshore Dynamic Positioning Simulators


  • The following is a list of the objectives which should be attained by the DPOs upon completion of the Revalidation course.

    1. DP rules and regulations.
    2. DP sensors and PRS.
    3. DP Set up.
    4. DP Bridge Watchkeeping.
    5. Position Keeping.
    6. Environmental Conditions.
    7. Alarms and Indicators.
    8. Change of DP Watch.
    9. Normal Completion of a DP Operation.
    10. Operating in Joystick Mode (DP Joystick).
    11. Emergency Situation.
    12. Emergency Performance/Response.

    Entry Requirements
    DPO certificate issued by The NI.
    The DPO has no DP sea time or less than 30 days of seat time.

    Course Approval
    Nautical Institute approval

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