Dynamic Positioning Advanced

  • Offshore Dynamic Positioning Systems


1. Construction and use of work site diagrams, charts and vessel templates for use in DP
2. Planning & execution of DP operations, contingency plans for expected deviations & emergencies.
3. Risk and safety analysis, and defining DP equipment classes.
4. New development in DP systems including position reference systems and control systems.
5. Analysis of DP incidents.
6. Realistic Simulator Exercises involving various types of DP Operations.
7. Competence in a variety of scenarios using a DPS simulator including the handling of emergency
situations resulting from system failures in addition to normal operations.

Entry Requirements:
• Attendance and completion of Dynamic Positioning Induction Course
• Documented practical experience in the use of DP systems on DP vessels for a minimum period of 30 days as a trainee DPO (Old Scheme) or minimum period of 60 days as a trainee DPO (New Scheme start in 1/1/2015).
• The practical experience referred to should be in accordance with chapter C in the NI DP operator logbook – Seagoing Familiarization Watchkeeping.

Course Approval
Nautical Institute approved certificate of attendance.


Offshore Dynamic Positioning Simulators


  • Data will be available soon!

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