Main Services, Research and Consultancy

1- Training Marine Officers for different marine courses (Shiphandling, Bridge Resource Management, Pilot, Tug Master, VTS,…etc.)

2- Giving consultation for new berths or ports. Marine Simulator can provide research and consultancy service to Maritime industry particularly navigation study to validate the design of new berths or ports from navigational points of view by:

  • Examining proposals for new berths or ports.
  • Testing against specific combinations of meteorological Conditions (Wind- current -sea state).
  • Achieve pilot and tug master familiarities prior to the completion of the infrastructure
  • The operational needs and contingency plans for new ships type and Size can be investigated on the simulation.

Any consultation research is submitted at the end of the project with a detailed documents showing all maneuvers executed among the study which might reach the number of 100 maneuvers. Final document includes conclusions and recommendations covering the previously mentioned study points as well as the following issues:

  • Arrival and departure maneuvers in different environment situation:
    • Variable wind conditions (speed and direction)
    • Variable current conditions (speed and direction)
    • Visibility condition and time.
  • Emergency situations maneuvers (Engine failure etc…)
  • Strains on ship mooring lines.
  • Different bank, channel interaction effects.
  • Different recommendation cover issues like suitable tugs power, optimum mooring methods, and optimum vessel speed inside the port.



The Marine Simulators performed the following researches:-

  • Bulk Quay at  Alexandria Port - Egypt
  • Establishing Port Said East Port– Egypt
  • Establishing El Sukhnah Port Study – Egypt
  • Petroleum Quay at El Dekheila Harbor - Egypt
  • Al Fugayrah SBM Terminal – UAE
  • Damiatta  LPG – Terminal – Egypt
  • Damietta LNG – Terminal – Egypt
  • Damietta E-Methanex  – Terminal – Egypt
  • Damietta EAgrium – Terminal -Egypt
  • Dekheila Mineral Quay -Egypt
  • River Nile Research -Egypt