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The college of Language and Communication is the first among AASTMT Colleges specializing in humanities. It enhances students` personality, and enriches their cultural perspectives through languages as well as various means of communication. This will promote their academic and artistic abilities, reinforce their cognitive efficiency and open up new career horizons in different fields.&

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

College of Language and Communication provides both the students of the AASTMT and the community it serves with special and unique level of various languages, particularly English language. To be able to compete in the labor market and meet the challenges of new technological advances, one needs to master at least one foreign language. English is nowadays the language of money, technology and, above all, politics. Therefore, students should have the opportunity to know more through their competency of English language.

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We promise to introduce all the best to our students so as to live the academic life embellished with the latest state

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Mission and Vision