Remake the City Summit and School

The Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex), the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AASTMT) Aswan Campus and Description of Alexandria (DOA) are holding from 13-18 March 2017 the "Remake the City Summit and School - Towards Resilient Communities for All".Dialogue is the way forward when trying to find solutions and identify roles in the area of climate change and cities resilience. Sustainability, Climate Change and Investing in the future is a new focus area for the Swedish Institute Alexandria since 2016.The aspect of sustainability is impossible to disconnect when addressing the impact of climate change on the globe. In fact worldwide the issue of cities resilience is a topic of concern. Resilience is not only about climate change and sea level rise but social and economic resilience based on adapting to the impact of climate change has become the way forward. Understanding resilience in its holistic meaning is currently highly debated, resilient cities, societies and communities are the outcome of inclusive policies where citizens can participate.The programme with its activities will focus on addressing the issue of resilience through innovation and remaking cities to be smarter. Dialogue is the only possible pathway to identifying solutions for the previous. The institute combining both its new two focus areas on the impact of climate change as well as preservation of cultural heritage shall commence working on the two topics in a one project.The project aims to present dialogue as a tool for development and finding new solutions to current urban challenges. During the project, ideas are to be shared and exchanged to identify new and creative solutions for the challenge of how to make cities resilient through lessons learnt from the past.The School will take place from 13 – 16 March 2017 at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AASTMT) Aswan campus with the aim of creating a regional network of young architects, artists, civil engineers, environmentalist and those working in the field of urban development from various backgrounds in the area of resilient cities and communities with a focus on cultural heritage preservation, sustainable transportation, sustainable waste management and urban planning.The Summit will take place during the period 17 – 18 March 2017 at the Swedish Institute in Alexandria (SwedAlex) after the school is concluded at the AASTMT in Aswan to introduce the solutions created by the participants to policy makers and academics from the MENA region. It will provide an opportunity for the participants to share their work and learning outcomes with a panel of academics and policy makers.

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