Local agro-clusters for typical and innovative Mediterranean dairy products

In a context of extreme pressure on Mediterranean food markets –direct consequence of the rapid population growth and recent changes in consumption patterns, the agri-food sector is emerging as a central element for the harmonious development of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Agricultural policies implemented by Mediterranean countries in recent decades have led to their increasing dependence on imports and to their total exposure to volatile international markets.

The “Arab Spring” has highlighted the urgency of improving food security as well as the necessity to achieve a more integrated development of territories.The project proposes a new approach to address these challenges and focuses on the dairy sector, in which the needs are particularly pronounced and comparable to those of European countries.

Thus, the project aims to foster the production and distribution of typical and innovative dairy products in the Mediterranean by organising local value chains, supporting producers in their development projects and creating new markets for their products.

 In the end, it will lead to the creation of the Mediterranean network of dairy clusters

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