Building Capacity for University Management

Ref No 530485-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPGR

This is a regional JEP in Governance Reform involving ten universities in Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon satisfying the regional priority ‘ University Management and Student Services’ . The wider objective of the project is to demonstrate that good management practices can build sustainable HE cooperation between nations. The project does this by addressing the challenges facing the management of a global university in the 21st Century.

The project will advise on key management skills and structures and use a ‘training the trainers’ methodology where fifty trainers will be trained. Initially, common needs will be identified by a scoping process led by the UK based Leadership Foundation.

These results will feed back to the development of a number of short courses, Master’s level modules and an Adaptive, web-based Learning System. This will enable three levels of management to be addressed: existing managers, aspiring mangers and potential managers (graduate students who wish to pursue a career in university management).

The masters modules can be assembled to form a Master's degree in University Management. The short courses will be accredited by the universities and the four Ministries will accredit the new Masters programme. Each partner University will form a Centre of Good Governance which will be the focus for the training and networking. The centres will be disseminating agents and ensure the long-term sustainability of the project outcomes.

Type of services provided:

1. To identify the common deficiencies in University Management throughout the four partner countries.

2. To train/retrain university staff in new management approaches including short courses, Master level modules and e-learning material.

3 To establish centres of good governance at each partner university.

4. To install rigorous quality assurance processes.

5. To demonstrate that with good management, strong bridges can be built between four ENPI countries.

Name of consortium members:

University of Misurata,

Observatory of the Magna Charta,

Suez Canal University,

Superior Institute of Science and Technology,

 University Hassan II-Casablanca,

 Cadi Ayyad University,

Modern University for Business and Science,

The Lebanese University,

Universita degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza",

 Ionian University,

 Universidad de Salamanca,

The National Union of Students in Europe,

 The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education,

Osel Consulting s.r.l, RESUMÉ DU PROJET,

Shoo Fly Publishing Ltd,

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

Ministere de L''Enseignment Superieur de la Recherche Scientific

Directorate General of Higher Education , Zawia University

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