Ref No TEMPUS-1-517401-2011-ES-JPCR

Detailed description of project:

According to the annual report of the Egyptian National Renewable Energy report for 2008/2009, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy is striving for doubling the renewable energy share of energy production to 20% by the year 2020. No direct transition from conventional methods to renewable energy resources is anticipated due to social and economical factors.

Moreover, new technologies evolving for emission abatement are also conceived and investigated. Thus fossil fuel combustion will continue to be the dominant share through the following two decades. Hence, this project responds to the current and pressing demands of the labour and energy sectors of having competent and well trained engineers in the fields of energy and environment.The project aims mainly to establish of a new master program leading to an engineering degree in the fields of energy and environmental management. This will support the labour and energy sectors of well qualified professional engineers in the renewable energy discipline. Moreover, among our target, the project will establish specially-tailored training programmes for engineers working in this vital sector.

The master/training programme can be subdivided into three major modules namely renewable energy resources, low emission power plants and environmental management.

The renewable energy resources module includes the studies of solar, wind, wave, and tidal as well as geothermal energy.

The courses serving this module are to be prepared by mechanical as well as electrical engineers in order to assure a broader coverage of the subject under consideration.The low emission power plants module devotes itself towards the study of pollutant reduction technologies applied to conventional power plants. The courses cover the following areas: pre- and post-combustion treatment to fuel, the oxidizing medium and/or flue gases. Modifications to the combustion process to minimize emissions are to be considered as well. The module includes different technologies for carbon capture and storage.

The module targets to trigger the awareness of engineers (master students) and/or trainees of the international legislations/protocols concerning the environment and pollutant emissions. Topics concerning the use of biomass as an alternative fuel are covered in this module.The environmental studies module focuses on the mechanical and biological treatment of solid waste as well as design of solid waste treatment plants. The module covers waste water treatment of urban areas and industrial processes drainage. Air quality control is also covered within this module where air pollutant measurements and sampling are focused as well as flue gas treatments.The program is offered as Master of Science in Ain Shams University and Helwan University. On the other hands, it is offered The master is designed to be in credit hours and/or ECTS equivalent system.

Type of services provided:

1. Develop Higher education in Egypt

2. Design new master of science/engineering program

3. Establish center of excellence

4. Design new training courses according to industrial demands.

Name of consortium members:

University Of Oviedo,

Staffordshire University,


Ain Shams University,

Helwan University,

Nile University,

6th of October Investors' Association (OIA)

New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA).

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