Ref No: 561703-EPP-1-2015-1-UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Detailed description of project:

The Middle East countries are going through a period of change where governments are forced to address the need for greater access to economic opportunity.

With a challenging economic environment and a growing social demand governments believe that subsidy reform especially in energy and food might help reconcile social protection and secure fiscal positions. Creating a smart energy environmental project will positively affect the consumption sector through monitoring consumers’ habits for energy saving purposes.

This project seeks to build a new consortium of academic partners in Egypt, Jordan and Europe, whose aim is providing the market with competent young professionals ready to manage and control smart systems. The consortium should also support young professionals, and developed industries with the required training and awareness for energy saving purposes. A professional new master''s degree in Smart Control Systems for Energy Management Engineering is to be established. This master will develop a mechanical and electrical engineers in the field of Quality Energy Management and Saving. Also, the ability to establish such master program on time will fulfill the job market requirements.

The new Masters program will be designed to follow the Bologna system’s instruction, which will encourage student exchange between the consortium members. This project bridges the knowledge triangle, education-innovation-research between industry and academia.

Therefore, a technology transfer center is intended to established for targeting EG/JOR Universities, industrial and governmental entities.

Type of services provided:

1- Develop Higher education in Egypt and Jordan

2- Design new master program

3- Establish technology transfer center in Egypt and Jordan.

4- Develop technology training programs with industrial needs.

5- Bridging the knowledge triangle of education-innovation-research between industry and academia.

Name of consortium members:

Staffordshire University,

 University Of Oviedo,

 Instituto Superior Tecnico,

 University Of Cyprus,

EUROTraning Educational Organization,

 Ain Shams University,

 Nile University,

 HELWAN University,

Alexandria Co. for Seeds Processing and Derivations,

 University of Jordan,

 Mutah University,

 Jordan University of Science And Technology

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