1.4.4 Policy addressing poverty

  • 1.4.4 Policy addressing poverty

The Prosperous Life Policy has been developed in compliance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It integrates the goals of SDG1 No Poverty, SDG2 No Hunger and SDG3 Good Health and Well-being in the belief that the action in one area will tremendously affect others. The policy aims to present the strategies and actions taken by AASTMT to contribute to eradicating poverty and hunger as well as maintaining good health and well-being. It provides the framework and performance indicators for all AASTMT members to abide by all attached measures where the desired main goal is to successfully make healthy behavior and community service a habit or a second nature to them. The initiated performance indicators are tailored to satisfy the present needs of Prosperous Life cluster goals and act as building blocks for future development.

The Prosperous Life Policy applies to all academic and non-academic staff employed by AASTMT including its faculties, divisions, and departments. The geographical coverage of the policy covers all AASTMT campuses in Egypt and the Arab region.

View our Prosperous Life Policy statement on the AASTMT webpage