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Clinic Departments

The academy established several clinics in its various locations to provide the best healthcare and medical services to its students, faculty members and staff to ensure smooth running of the educational process. These clinics cover all medical specializations, with best specialists, consultants, nursing staff, and using latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

Some potential clinic services and equipment were developed in some specializations such as the dental clinic (b), which has been provided with a new dental unit to the latest model , including a radiation machine

Some equipment was also introduced in the field of ocular specialization, in an attempt to improve medical services granted for patients.

Clinic Departments:

  1. Cardiology Clinic.
  2. Dental Clinics.
  3. Dermatology Clinic.
  4. Emergency Clinic.
  5. E.N.T Clinics.
  6. General and Vascular Surgery Clinic.
  7. Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic.
  8. Internal Medicine Clinics
  9. Orthopedic Clinics.
  10. Ophthalmology Clinic.
  11. Urology Clinic.
  12. Medical Laboratory
  13. health education and public health unit
  14.  Emergency and First Aid Training unit