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The Arab Academy, running its medical administration, provides a work team that includes a ion of the best doctors and nurses working around the clock in various medical specialties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
It is assisted by a set of skilled visiting professors in certain specializations, and also stands in partnership with the best hospitals and Medical laboratories as well as reliable radiation centers, which are known for their efficiency at the level of the Republic. This achieves excellence in service and performance, and creates competitive advantages to provide better service to the beneficiaries of therapeutic health care.

Computers were integrated in various tasks associated with the therapeutic service starting from reservation in the clinic after the submission of approved form stating the patient''s eligibility to receive the service, through the Queuing system, which enables the identification of the patient''s turn to the target doctor, as well as the expected time period until the start of medical examination.

Through television screens available in the patients'' waiting areas, patients follow the sequence of turns until the automated call direct them to the doctor.

And in observance of the time of the patients, be they students or staff members, a reservation process has been developed through the international information network (the Internet) by accessing the website of the Academy before reaching the clinic.

Each patient frequenting the clinic has a medical file on the computer to review his/her medical history, Past medical history, which is skimmed by each clinic doctor in various specialties.

Also, there is a regular medical examination to most workers, to the basis of the possibility of early detection of diseases, in order to preserve the health status of workers, as well as to rationalize the treatment cost.