Bachelor of Oral and Dental Surgery

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  • English

Program Description

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Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
DAN110 General Anatomy N/A
DBI 110 Biochemistry N/A
DCP110 Computer N/A
DDM110 Dental Morphology N/A
DEG110 English N/A
DHR110 Human Rights N/A
Code Title Prequisites
DBP120 Biophysics N/A
DBS120 Biostatistics N/A
DDE120 Dental Ethics N/A
DDT120 Dental Terminology N/A
DEL120 Elective (2) N/A
DHD120 Human Dentition N/A
DHS120 General Histology N/A
DPY120 General Physiology N/A
Code Title Prequisites
DDB211 Dental Biomaterials (1) DBI110
DGP211 General Pathology (1) DAN110,DHS120
DMB211 Microbiology (1) DCG110
DOB211 Oral Biology (1) DCG110,DHS120
DRP211 Removable Prosthodontics (1) DDM110
DSS211 Smart Skills (1) DCP110
Code Title Prequisites
DDB222 Dental Biomaterials (2) DDB211
DGP222 General Pathology (2) DGP211
DMB222 Microbiology (2) DMB211
DOB222 Oral Biology (2) DOB211
DPC222 Pharmacology (2) DPC211
DRP222 Removable Prosthodontics (2) DRP211
DSS222 Smart Skills (2) DSS211
Code Title Prequisites
DFP311 Fixed Prosthodontics (1 DDB222
DGS311 General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology (1) DPY120+DMB222+DPC222
DIM311 Internal Medicine, Skin and Venereal Diseases (1) DPY120+DMB222+DPC222
DOD311 Operative Dentistry (1) DDM110+DDB222
DOP311 Oral Pathology (1) DGP222
DOR311 Oral Diagnosis, Oral Radiology (1) DBP120
DRP313 Removable Prosthodontics (3) DDB222+DRP222
Code Title Prequisites
DEN411 Endodontics (1) DDM110
DFP413 Fixed Prosthodontics (3) DFP322
DOD413 Operative Dentistry (3) DOD322
DOM410 Oral Medicine DIM322+DOR322+DOP322
DOS411 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (1) DGS322+DOR322+DOP322
DOT411 Orthodontics (1) DDB222+DOR322
DPD411 Pediatric Dentistry (1) DDB222+DOD322
DRP415 Removable Prosthodontics (5) DRP324
Code Title Prequisites
DEN422 Endodontics (2) DEN411
DFP424 Fixed Prosthodontics (4) DFP413
DOD424 Operative Dentistry (4) DOD413
DOS422 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (2) DOS411
DOT422 Orthodontics (2) DOT411
DPD422 Pediatric Dentistry (2) DPD411
DPR420 Periodontology DOM410
DRP426 Removable Prosthodontics (6) DRP415

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