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Program Description

• Write paragraphs/essays and peer edit them using error detection and error analysis techniques. • Brainstorm ideas for homework writing. • Use punctuation marks. • Make an outline. • Improve specialist language knowledge of engineers/Accountants.... etc. in any college • Describe technical functions and applications. • Understand terminology related to the Faculty fields. • Use English in a tract to enhance the environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the vocabulary of students in their field of specialization. • Develop understanding and application of reading skills. • Enable students to practice the language functions commonly used in English. • Develop students' mastery of such essential reading skills as using references, locating information, distinguishing major and minor points, and finding the main theme of a text. • Develop students' ability to communicate information with their peers

Markets and Career

  • According to the college (Engineering - Computers - Management - International Transport - Law), English language courses help the student to keep pace with the labor market, which requires proficiency in the English language.

Admission Requirements

• He must have a general secondary school completion certificate or equivalent certificates (scientific or literary) according to the special conditions for each specialization, especially when accepting the English secondary school (IGCSE). The number of years of study must not be less than 11 years of study, or 3 years must have passed after obtaining Junior high. • To submit all documents required for enrollment • Approval of the authority conducting the study regarding the English courses each faculty (Business-Logistics-LAW and Computer Science) has 2 levels except the Faculty of Engineering has 3 levels of English courses each course in any college refers to their field of specialization. the students need to pass English 1 to upgrade to English 2 as the courses are prerequisites to each other.

Tests & Prerequisites

• Attending the placement test the student needs to get 40 marks on this test if the student fails, they will take an introductory course named (ESP 02) which will help them to improve during the first semester besides that it's zero credit hour.




These courses are designed to help students to concentrate on grammatical structures especially those used in scientific language. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary of scientific English and develop their understanding and application of it. The exercises used aim at teaching and understanding concepts, using lexical and cohesive devices, deducing the contextual meaning of lexical items, and skimming and/or scanning to locate specific information..

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