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Program Description

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Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
LCF121 Phonetics none
LCL113 Listening none
LCL124 Second language 1 none
LCN125 Novel (1) none
LCP123 Poetry 1 none
LCT122 Translation 1 none
Code Title Prequisites
ELCC236 Introduction to Cinema none
ELCL235 Language for Media none
ELCS237 Media & Society none
ELCT237 Theatre none
LCA234 Arabic (2)* LCA114
LCL238 Communication Theories none
LCP233 Public Opinion LCN125
Code Title Prequisites
ELCA246 Applied Arts none
ELCC247 Culture Studies none
ELCT245 Translation 2 none
LCD241 Introduction to Journalism LCR115
LCL243 Second Language (2)* LCL124
LCP242 Introduction to PR & Advertising none
LCRV244 Introduction to Radio and Television LCM126
Code Title Prequisites
ELCE356 Media Economics none
ELCR355 Research Methods none
ELCT357 Radio & TV (Training) none
LCA352 Arabic Language3* LCA234
LCC351 Intercultural Communication LCL231
LCM353 Production of Media Materials LCRV244
Code Title Prequisites
ELCM365 The New Media none
ELCM366 Media Management none
ELCT367 Media Translation(Project) none
LCD473 Introduction to Documentary (Media) LCT244
LCL364 Second Language 3* LCL243
LCW361 Communication Technology none
LCW363 Writing for Media LCR115
Code Title Prequisites
ELCM475 Media Economics none
ELCP 476 Photography none
ELCP356 Practical Criticism none
LCA471 Advertising LCP242
LCA474 Arabic Editing Skills LCA352
LCMW473 Multimedia and Web-Designing ELCN365
LCRV472 Radio & TV Broadcasting LCRV244
Code Title Prequisites
ELCD486 Directing none
ELCM487 Media Ethics none
ELCR485 Visual Reporting none
LCI484 Media & Information Literacy- MIL none
LCL481 Second Language 4 * LCL363
LCP482 Graduation Project none
LCSW483 Script Writing LCW363

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