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Program Description

Receive a UoH registration number, email address & access to all electronic libraries at the beginning of year 2. Have the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony at the UoH. Eligible to attend the last year of study at the UoH Campus in the UK. Receive 2 bachelor degrees; AASTMT UoH. Available Majors Marketing, Finance & Accounting. Years of Study: 4

Learning Outcomes

  • Marketing Learning Programs: PLO'S 1. Acquire Knowledge and understanding regarding major concepts, theories, and contemporary issues in the Business Administration/ Marketing context. 2. Analyze, interpret, and apply theories in real Business Administration/ Marketing context. 3. Use scientific models in problem-solving. 4. Effectively communicate, work in teams, and present their findings effectively.

Markets and Career

  • Upon joining the Hull program, marketing studies: The field offers opportunities for students with a contemporary set of skills, hands on experience. Career opportunities for Hull- Marketing department include Public Relations Manager, Promotions Assistant, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Customer Services, Marketing Consultant, Product/Brand Manager, Buying Agent, Broker, Marketing Research Analyst, Customer Service Representative, and International Trade Specialist.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate admissions: Candidates can join the desired specialization directly if he/she satisfies the terms below without waiting for the results of the admission classification process Thanawiya Amma (Egyptian Secondary Education) Thanawiya Amma or Equivalent high school certificates. Passing the entry exams held by the Academy. (An Interview for Hotel Administration and Tourism candidates) Satisfying age and military service conditions for Egyptian applicants Obtaining the grades required by each specialization is as follows: 65% (Science & Literary Sections Business Administration) 60% (Science & Literary Sections Hotel & Tourism) For IGCSE: Candidates must satisfy the terms required in order to equate Thanawiya Amaa. The qualifying curricula for Business Administration and Hotel & Tourism are as follows: Compulsory Curricula: English Language or English Literature Optional Curricula: 7 Ordinary Subjects of the following Subjects: French Geography History Business Studies Economics Accounting Mathematics Computer Physics Biology Chemistry Other International Certificates: For international equivalent certificates such as American Diploma, International Baccalaureate and German Abitur, admission takes place according to the regulations of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities A Copy of my high school certificate A Copy of the birth date certificate A Copy of the identity card or the passport 4 personal photographs (4X6) Paying application fees Submitting the original certificates in case of admission. Submitted personal photographs and copies are not refunded if admission is not granted

Tests & Prerequisites

The English placement test is needed either through submitting IELTS; or TOEFL, or Cambridge. In the case of ; ○IELTS has a total score of 6.0 or above (with a minimum of 5.5 in each section). ○TOEFL 60 or 70 ○B2-Cambridge ●In case of an insufficient English score student has the option to retake only for one year. ●For a student to transfer from Business-programme to any of the international programs needs a total GPA of 2.6 or above ●To proceed in Hull or UoN for the 2nd academic year students must: *Achieve 12 credit hours with a total GPA of 2.5 or above. ●Students can repeat only once a subject that has been previously withdrawn or failed (W/F) otherwise should be transferred to the business program.




Upon joining the (University Of Hull) UoH program, you'll be joining an institution that has a heritage of academic excellence & ranked 645 as a world ranking out of 11999 countries according to the Webometrics world ranking in 2022. University Of Hull) is a dual degree offered by the Arab Academy for science, technology, maritime, and transport. Students graduating will have a degree from both universities..

Code Title Prequisites
MGT111E Principles of Management (1) none
MTH111E Math (1) none
ECO111E Microeconomics none
BIS111E Introduction to Information Systems (1) none
ENG111E English for Business (1) none
Code Title Prequisites
ECO121E Macroeconomics ECO111E
ENG121E English for Business (2) ENG111E
BIS121E Introduction to Information System (2) BIS111E
MTH121E Math (2) MTH111E
MGT121E Principles of Management (2) MGT111E
Code Title Prequisites
LAW211E Business Law none
MKT211E Principles of Marketing MGT121E
MGT211E Organizational Behavior MGT121E
STA211E Descriptive Statistics MTH111E
MGT212E Operations Research MGT121E
Code Title Prequisites
ELC492E Economics of resources and environment none
ELC495E Contemporary issues in business and economics none
ELC491E Cultural affairs none
ELC464E Egyptian history none
ELC496E Psychology none
ELC488E Speech and communication skills ENG121E
MKT222E Consumer Behavior MKT211E
MGT221E Production & Operations Mgt. MGT212E
FIN221E Financial Management ACC121E / STA211E
MKT221E Marketing Management MKT211E
MGT222E Research Methodology STA211E / MGT212E
Code Title Prequisites
BIS318E Introduction to E-Business BIS121E
MKT311E Digital Marketing MKT211E
MKT312E New Product Planning MKT221E
MGT311E Human Resources Mgt. MGT211E
MKT314E Integrated Marketing Communication MKT221E / MKT222E
MGT312E Materials & Logistics Management MGT212E / MGT221E
Code Title Prequisites
ELC494E Principles of sociology none
MKT323E International Marketing MKT211E
MGT322E International Trade ECO121E
MKT322E Advertising Management MKT314E
MKT321E Marketing Research MGT222E/MKT221E
MKT324E Customer Relationship Management MKT211E / MKT221E
MGT321E International Business Administration ECO121E / MGT121E
Code Title Prequisites
MGT411E Organizational Analysis & Design MGT121E
MKT414E Graduation Project 1 MKT314E
MKT415E Sales Management MKT314E
MKT411E Distribution and Retailing Management MKT221E / MKT222E
MKT412E Brand Management MKT321E/ MKT314E
MKT413E Public Relations MKT314E
Code Title Prequisites
ELC471E Events management and planning none
MKT425E Graduation Project 2 MKT414E
MKT424E Services Marketing MKT211E
MKT423E Entrepreneurial Marketing MKT211E
MKT422E Business to Business Marketing MKT4211E
MKT421E Marketing and the Society MKT211E
MGT421E Strategic Management MGT311E

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