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Program Description

With Academic direction from the globally renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) this degree enables students of various backgrounds to earn a world-class degree without relocating. LSE is also ranked 3rd in the world in the disciplines provided. The BSc in Business and Management helps students develop their critical skills for a wide range of real-world professional situations. The programme gives a thorough grounding in the principles of business and management. It provides students with the necessary skills to manage a thriving business by gaining insights into organizational culture. With our programme, you can explore diverse career paths while preparing for the dynamic business world.

Learning Outcomes

  • By studying this programme, students will learn how to: • Analyse business and management issues from the perspective of a number of social science disciplines. • Formulate and develop arguments on management issues in a logical manner. • Critically evaluate claims made on a range of management issues. • Understand aspects of business and sociology management relevant to managing organisations effectively

Markets and Career

  • This degree will prepare you for a career in the areas of: business, banking, general management, accountancy, management consulting and marketing. You could also gain entry to a master’s programme in this field. This BSc will help you to question and analyse information, develop arguments, and boost your analytical and communication skills – all of which are valued in management-related roles. Career paths include but are not limited to: • Business Consultancy • Business Development • Client Service Management • Data Analysis • HR Management • Logistics • Management Analysis • Marketing • Office Management • Operations Management • Project Management • Sales

Admission Requirements

We accept all kinds of high school diplomas, however; all applicants must meet all requirements of the Supreme Council for Higher Education. As well as the requirements of the university of London available at: UOL requirements. If you do not meet the general requirements to study at the Standard Route, you may be eligible to apply for the bachelor's degree through the CHESS route (Certificate of Higher Education for Social Sciences).

Tests & Prerequisites

1. English proficiency exam 2. Maths placement test 3. Personal Statement 4. Interview




This prestigious University of London Degree follows a British Credit Hour (BCH) System, where each course is a full a year instead of a semester, for each course. The Degree consists of 12 courses that are 30 credit hours each..

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