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Program Description

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Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
CB240 Theory of Structures BA141
AR211 Architectural Design 1 AR210 + AR114
AR233 History & Theory of Architecture 3 None
AR252 Building Technology 2 AR251
AR284 3D Modeling AR215 + AR283
Code Title Prequisites
CB350 Building Materials & Testing CB240
CB370 Surveying BA124
AR312 Architectural Design 2 AR211 + AR115
AR334 History & Theory of Architecture 4 AR131
AR353 Building Technology 3 AR252
Code Title Prequisites
AR415 Architectural Design 5 AR414
AR416 Interior Design 1 AR312
AR423 Topics in Sustainability None
AR442 Introduction to Urban Design AR441
AR456 Execution Design 2 AR455 + AR464
Code Title Prequisites
AR501 Architectural Design Graduation Project AR516
AR541 Professional Practice CB410 or AR444
AR542 Regulations & Law CB410 or AR444

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