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Program Description

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Learning Outcomes

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Markets and Career

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Admission Requirements

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Tests & Prerequisites

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Code Title Prequisites
ACC121E Principles of Accounting (2) ACC111E
BIS121E Introduction to Information System (2) BIS111E
ECO121E Macroeconomics ECO111E
ENG121E English for Business (2) ENG111E
MGT121E Principles of Management (2) MGT111E
MTH121E Math (2) MTH111E
Code Title Prequisites
ACC211 intermediate accounting(1) ACC121
LAW211E Business Law None
MGT211E Organizational Behavior MGT121E
MGT212E Operations Research MGT121E
MKT211E Principles of Marketing MGT121E
STA211E Descriptive Statistics MTH111E
Code Title Prequisites
ACC221 cost accounting ACC121E
FIN221E Financial Management STA211E,ACC121E,MGT1
MGT221E Production & Operations Mgt. MGT212E
MGT222E Research Methodology STA211E, MGT121E
STA221 Inferential Statistics STA211
Code Title Prequisites
ACC311 Managerial Accounting (1) ACC221
ACC312E Auditing None
BIS318E Introduction to E-Business BIS121E
FIN311E Financial Markets & Organizations None
MGT311E Human Resources Mgt. MGT211E
MGT312E Materials & Logistics Management MGT212E
Code Title Prequisites
ACC321 Internal Control ACC312
ACC322 Accounting Information Systems ACC121E
ACC323 Managerial Accounting (2) ACC311
FIN321E Investment None
MGT321E International Business Administration MGT121E, ECO121E
Code Title Prequisites
ACC411E Tax Accounting None
ECO411E Feasibility Studies MKT211E, FIN221E,STA
FIN411E Advanced Financial Management None
FIN412E Insurance and Risk Management None
FIN413 Derivatives FIN411E & FIN321E
FIN414E Graduation Project In Finance I 7th and 8th Semester
MGT411E Organizational Analysis & Design MGT211E
Code Title Prequisites
ACC424 Advanced Financial Accounting ACC211
FIN421 International Finance FIN221
FIN422E Islamic Finance LAW211E, FIN221E & F
FIN423E Advanced Investments and Portfolio Management FIN321E
FIN424E Graduation Project In Finance II 7th and 8th Semester
MGT421E Strategic Management MKT211E, MGT311E

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