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  • The International Conference for North Africa Ports & Free zones

The International Conference for North Africa Ports & Free zones

The Port Training Institute (PTI) of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), in cooperation with the Misurata Free Zone (MFZ) in Libya, organized the International Conference for North Africa Ports & Free zones (ICPFZ 2023) during the period18 - 20 November, 2023. under the title: The role of global trends in increasing the competitiveness of ports and free zones in North African countries (ICPFZ - 2023), as the conference aims to enhance cooperation and exchange of knowledge between the ports and free zones sector in North Africa countries. 

The opening ceremony of (ICPFZ 2023) was held on Saturday 18- 11- 2023, in the presence of H.E. Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Dubaiba - Prime Minister of Libya, H.E. Mr. Muhammad Salem Al-Shahoubi - Minister of Transportation of Libya, H.E. Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag - AASTMT President, H.E. Eng. Mohsen Al-Soqtari - Chairman of the Misurata Free Zone, H.E. Eng. Ayman Al-Darwish - General Manager of the Misurata Free Zone, and Dr. Alaa Mahmoud Morsi - Dean of AASTMT Port Training Institute, in addition to a number of ambassadors and chairmen of the Board of Directors of Libyan ports and authorities, representatives of international companies participating in the conference activities.