Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute  Alexandria

Port Operation Management Track



Program Aim:

The aim of this program is to develop the candidate with technical, legal and administrative knowledge required to carry out high and medium level careers in seaports. In addition, this program equip student with skills and proficiencies required for research work to find effective solutions to develop and solve work problems in port areas.

Program Objectives

By the end of this program candidate will be fully equipped with knowledge, skills and proficiencies in the following different era:



·         Role and functions of ports

·         Administration of the marine function

·         Navigation and traffic control

·         Planning & operations - conventional cargo terminal

·         Transit shed and warehouse operations

·         Freight station operations

·         Container ship and yard operations

·         Ship stowage planning

·         Quay transfer operations

·         Measures of port productivity

·         Dangerous goods regulation

·         Modern concept in maritime safety

·         Port equipment maintenance

·         Pricing of port services

·         IT applications in ports

·         Human resource development

Teambuilding and communication



Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program will be able to deeply understand and comprehensively comprehend all aspects on the following fields:

·         International Trade and Logistics

·         Port operation Management

·         Regulatory, Legal Issues and Insurance for Ports

·         Managing Marine Operations and Conservancy

·         Port Marketing and Business Development

·         Port Project Management: Principles and Techniques

·         Economics of Port Operations, Port Pricing and Port Financing

·         Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) in Ports

·         Port Labor and People Management



This program offers excellent unique opportunities to work in different career prospects in ports. Many of our graduates went on to work at medium and high management level in ports. This program gives great opportunities to work in different port areas as it provides comprehensive knowledge, practices and skills in port operation, safety administration and port sustainability and logistics.

Program Courses

1. Core Courses



Credit Hours

MPI 785

Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Ports


MPI 729

Port Operation Management


MPI 786

Smart Port Operation and Management


MPI 761

Port Facilities Utilization


MPI 762

Cargo Handling Operation Management


MPI 787

Economics of Port Operations


MPI 738

Data Analysis and Processing


MPI 728

Research Methodology