Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute  Alexandria

MSc. in Ship and Port Operation Management

Program Aim

The aim of this program is to equip the student with relevant technical skills required to operate and management ship and port in safe and efficient manner. Also, to enhance student research capabilities and expand his/her research horizon.


Program Objectives

By the end of the program the candidate will acquire the following knowledge:

- Identify new technologies and essential knowledge required to improve cargo handling operations,

- Principles and theories of maritime economic and maritime supply chain,

- Modern techniques used in maintaining safety of the marine environment and working places,

- Regulatory legal framework of ship and port operations

- New maritime security concepts in ship and port management techniques,


- Concept of Team Management and leadership skills required to maintain safe and efficient ship and port operations,

- Develop and sustain concept of research and awareness in management of ship and port operations,

- Ship safety management and port state control procedures.


Program Courses


C. Hrs.


Core Courses Code


Port Operation Management

MPI 729


Maritime Economics

MPI 604


Law of the Sea

MPI 726


Port Facilities Utilization

MPI 761


Cargo Handling Operation Management

MPI 762


Management of Pollution Crises and Contingency Plans

MPI 735


Data Analysis and Processing

MPI 738


Research methodology

MPI 728